Saturday, July 21, 2012

Bearing the Unbearable

This week we have witnessed another unexplainable tragedy. How do we begin to understand such random violence? When life suddenly hurls a thunderbolt of unspeakable pain into our path, our challenge becomes learning how to bear the unbearable. Whatever our belief system, at our core as human beings is the will to survive, to overcome anger and grief and to do each day the things that will help us make it to the next day, and the next and the next. The choice we make is hope. Hope is not knowing exactly how or when the pain will cease to immobilize us and instead get us on our feet to step into the unknown, but knowing that we must do it. It is trusting that, in time, we will come to terms with the pain and will be able to function in a new way, changed by suffering certainly, but not destroyed.

Vital to recovering from an extreme tragedy or personal loss is letting in the love and concern of those who care for us. Even when the most that someone else can do for us is to mingle their tears with ours, it is healing in a way not always apparent. We need each other most in times of deep sorrow. Hope, love and patience, patience to allow time to soothe if not eradicate our pain, and slowly our hearts begin to mend and begin to allow joy to return.

Nothing is ever the same again. There is a new normal, this one tested by fire and tempered to make us stronger and more resilient. And perhaps, at the very least, some lessons will have been learned.

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