Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Clothes Don't Always Make the Man!

 A few years ago, my younger son (who has a strange attraction to shoes) told me about Crocs. He raved about how comfortable and how cheap they were, so I bought a pair. Ugly, yes, but they were comfortable as advertised. Then I bought Tom a pair of brown ones and he was immediately in love. That's where the story should end, but no. The following summer we were in Fairhope and he and his brother (the owner of a bright yellow pair of Crocs that led to him being called "Uncle Duck") were out together, probably laying in more Scotch, when Tom came across a beach shop where he purchased a pair of orange Crocs. To the best of my recollection, it is the only item of apparel or footwear that he has bought on his own (meaning without me to help him decide what he likes) in over 25 years of marriage.What followed was a couple of years of complete mortification as he elected to wear them EVERYWHERE! Doctor's offices, shopping trips, our local post office and hardware store where he is generally considered 'a real nice guy, a little eccentric...you know, the orange shoes guy!'

I made the mistake of snarking at him about the orange crocs so often that he began to wear them with an evil smile, enjoying his ability to annoy me so easily. Oh well, he's retired and this is Arizona. I haven't told him yet, but I've actually given up the struggle...it just isn't worth the trouble. Maybe that's why he did not wear the orange crocs to a concert we went to last weekend. He wore the brown ones! Aaargh!

Oh, and about my son. He does have a lot of shoes for a guy, but they are mostly in manly colors and in very good taste. He got that from me.


  1. I know those crocs and they are now endearing....and I love you for the hugs smile on my face that won't go away......love and hugs to both of you.....Mary Jane

  2. I refuse to post after all the time I have spent on this and the wonderful response that I wrote to the orange crocs. Would you believe I have been working on this since you left???? 45 minutes??? Still too hard to get to. I want pink crocs---my greatgrand has them!