Sunday, January 3, 2010

Still Perfect After All These Years

moon sometimes known as blue,
held above by the barest thread
of spider web silk
setting my window ablaze
with the hopeless perfection I so envy,
just as thin and beautiful as ever
inspiring romance even in your
old age

no one tires of looking at you,
though by now we should be jaded
with your predictable appearance,
mirrored on water, gleaming over
a field of snow, teetering on
a mountain edge, you make us breathless
each time just as the first

no one cries ‘can’t we have a newer moon?’
no one deplores your sameness
or wishes you just a bit larger or smaller
you have not become irrelevant to our lives
just because we know you so well.
no one needs more than one moon,
do they?


  1. Lovely thought. Neither do we wish it would wane/wax faster, or become more liberal/conservative.

    Unpretentious as always, Mom!


  2. I love this one. And you're right- nobody really requires any more or less from the moon.

    Love you!

  3. Nancy, I'll pray for your great grandson and know that God (whatever one believes that to be) will bless him with grace.